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Flight - Large Print Edition

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In a world teetering on the brink of transformation, one ordinary woman discovers an extraordinary gift that holds the key to its destiny. But standing in her path is a formidable Alliance resolved to suppress her discovery. Meet Olivia, a determined force for a new era.

As Olivia unveils her newfound ability to take flight, her aspiration to share it with the world takes an unexpected turn. Fate intervenes, and she finds herself a fugitive, hunted not only by relentless federal agents but also by deadly Alliance operatives. The dream of proving herself seems distant as survival becomes her immediate goal.

In her struggle, each step fraught with danger, Olivia finds unlikely allies. Balancing her own life on a knife's edge, she faces a moral dilemma–can she ask others to risk everything for her cause? As threats intensify, time becomes her enemy. Can she endure the peril, protect her friends, and pave the way for a brighter future?

FLIGHT marks the beginning of the OrdinarySuper series, a captivating work by K.G. Ring. Blending intriguing scientific possibilities with elements of spirituality and heart-racing martial art, this is a saga that will ignite your imagination.

If you crave fiction that pushes the boundaries of science and human potential while weaving a gripping tale of resilience, FLIGHT is a journey you won't want to miss.